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Dr. Rhonda Sneed

Dr. Rhonda Sneed is the founder and CEO of Restoring Souls Outreach Center and Lord Make Me Over Women's Conference. LMMO was birthed because Dr. Sneed grew weary of seeing HURT women HURT other women, and because she has a genuine LOVE for helping others.


Dr. Rhonda Sneed is an author, counselor, educator, child advocate, ordained minister, motivational and inspirational speaker.  She holds a Bachelor's in Theology and Biblical Counseling, a Master's in Educational Administration, and a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling and Psychology.  Dr. Sneed is a Board Certified Christian Counselor, Certified Anger Resolution Therapist, Certified Christian Chaplain.  




Gloria McGowen serves as the Director of Counseling and Consulting for Restoring Souls Outreach Center.  Gloria McGowen, has dedicated her career to serving the community. Gloria graduated from the Sam Houston University with a degree in Psychology and her professional career has been inundated with service, that included but not limited to, working with various populations such high-risk youth, the mentally ill, probationers, and the elderly. The turning point in Gloria’s career was the result of the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina. Gloria continued her work with the Katrina survivors adapting the motto “I do not see my work as the answer to my prayers, but my work is the answer to their prayers”. Gloria was recognized a business leader known for providing stellar social services and operational insight, as co-owner of GMC Consultants, LLC.
But her greatest accomplishments have been in her callings as Ordained Minister, Pastor and Christian Counselor. She walks in an assignment to help others while they are in their Gethsemane (place of mental and spiritual suffering).

Pastor Judeda Hill

CEO and owner of the Toddler Town Love and Grace Center located in Waterloo, Iowa

Judeda serves as the Project Manager for our Iowa Chapter of Restoring Souls Outreach.

Gloria McGowen

Judeda Hill

Sheila Henderson
Ms. Henderson serves as the Director of Sports Education and Motivation for Restoring Souls Outreach.  She is also the Co-Athletic Director for the Regents School of Austin. She fulfills a range of responsibilities provided guidance, direction, and support to ensure the smooth operation of the athletic department and the sports teams for K-12. Ms. Henderson has previously served in various leadership roles over her career. She has worked in Taylor ISD, Austin ISD, Judson ISD, for the University Interscholastic League, and Lockhart ISD serving as a junior high English and math teacher, high school math teacher, assistant coach, head coach, high school assistant athletic director, assistant UIL athletic director, high school assistant principal and first African-American female athletic director for Lockhart ISD. Ms. Henderson has co-authored “A Football Mom’s Playbook” with Dr. Rhonda Sneed which provides devotionals and reflections for raising champions on and off the field.

Ms. Henderson holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from Concordia University. Ms. Henderson is a servant leader who is centered on serving and supporting others, leading by example, walking in humility and loving others. She fosters a culture of trust, respect, and engagement, while contributing to the overall success and well-being of the team and organization.

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